Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved everything about music. I’ve always been fascinated by the making and performing of music. I’ve thought about nothing else but being a musician since I was a young child. My father raised me on Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Isaac Hayes, and The Charlie Daniels Band. The perfectly crafted song can make someone laugh, cry, or riot.”
Jason Bradley was born and raised in northern Minnesota, where he fell in love with music at an early age. He spent hours pouring over the covers of both his mother’s and father’s record collections, fascinated by each and every one of them.
After college graduation, Jason moved to Minneapolis, and started a band with some friends called Carpetbomb. They won the famed Midwest band tournament that broke bands like PFR, Clear, and Big Fat Jam. They had played with the likes of Jars of Clay, D.C. Talk, and Plumb.
After that, Jason started the high-energy rock band “Fastest Turbo Fire Engine”. They released an EP, followed up by a full-length debut, Focus, released last year. Fastest Turbo Fire Engine is known for its level of work ethic and energetic shows. They tour the Midwest, and have played with bands like Magna-Fi and Journey.
Jason also is involved in many other musical endeavors. Jason plays bass and guitar for hire in churches. He plays acoustic shows. He also plays guitar, sings, and plays trumpet in a band called Trout. He has also been involved with the band Vera Zero.
Jason says, “Millions of people sleepily eek by an existence that doesn’t even come close to fulfilling their grand design. Life passes them by; they get old, and feel they have wasted their lives. Ahhh, the American Dream!” Jason is intent on living out his purpose, and inspiring others to do the same through his music, writings, and various other endeavors that come his way.

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