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Big Stuff Happening at Jason Bradley HQ!

Jason and colored lights

We’ve got some big stuff happening over the next three weeks. The Super Bowl is over. Everyone is gone. So, we can stop acting like we relish the sub-zero temps. I know better, and you can’t snow the snowman. The good news? We’re on the upswing just in time for you to come on out and celebrate with me. This Saturday, I will be back at Maverick’s Wood Grill in Champlin at 9pm. Amazing food, it feels like family, and there’s a rock and roll show to boot. I hope that if you’re around, you’ll come on out. The following weekend (the 17th) I’ll be doing a conference in Mountain Lake, way down in the southwestern corner of Minnesota. Then on the 24th, I’ll be at Wild Mind Artisan Ales in Minneapolis from 7-10pm.

That’s a whole lot of rock and roll for your February! Get out your big red marker and circle the dates, because I know, as well as you do, that its been way too cold and you need a release. See you out there soon!


Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Night

Jason in a nativity scene


Wow, it’s Christmas week already. This season will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. Last night I just finished my gig as technical director and sound engineer for a local Christmas musical. It was quite the production. Now, it’s back to your regularly scheduled gigs.

I’ve got a couple more that I’m doing this year that weren’t originally on the calendar. I’m going to do a Christmas Eve morning set, as well as a chill New Year’s Eve set. I also picked up a second Maverick’s gig on December 30th at 9pm, and we’re going to rock 2017 out.

This time of year is supposed to be marked by peace, goodwill to men, silent night, and all of that. It should be a time of reflection and joy. So many times though, it’s just not. What do we do about that? How do we recapture that piece of ourselves? It doesn’t come easily. Life comes at you at one hundred miles an hour, and sometimes all you can do is brace for impact. It’s not always fair. It’s not the collision that is the problem though. Those things are going to come. You don’t have a say in that. It’s all how you walk away from the wreckage. It’s so important to find peace in the middle of the storm. That is the challenge in all of it. For me, I make sure to remember where my source of peace comes from… faith in something bigger than me that sees the bigger picture in all of it. Sometimes, it’s a moment to moment struggle, but it’s so important.

As my friends, I want to to wish you a Merry Christmas. If Christmas isn’t your thing, that’s cool. Just know that I’m hoping for something good for you. I believe that you deserve only the best. I’ll see you soon.

Peace, love, and all that,


Surprise Maverick’s Acoustic Gig

Hello, friends!!! I wanted to give you a quick heads up, to let you know that I will be at Maverick’s Wood Grill this Saturday night (7/30/16) at 9pm. This is kind of a last minute show, so it wasn’t on my schedule. I hope that you will consider coming out to sing along with me. We’re going to have some fun!

A whole mess of gigs, and winning awards

Foolish Pride Video Capture

Wow. Time is a cruel master. It stops for no one, and you either keep on top of the wave or the rip current drags you out to sea. I feel like there is so much that I need to tell you all about, while I’m finally able to catch my breath. It ‘s been a year of pedal to the metal, winning awards, and writing new material.

The short film that I did with Rob Kerr, At the End of the Line, as now won four awards (Near Nazareth FestivalHudson Valley, Back In The BoxBest Shorts Competition), including Best Song and Best Music Video. That’s exciting news as festivals around the world continue to take interest in our little film that could.

I’ve been up at Maverick’s Wood Grill monthly, and continuing with my weekly gig at Park. It’s been amazing to be able to play as much as I have. With over 100 gigs last year and a whole mess again this year, it has given me an opportunity that many other people aren’t fortunate enough to realize. Not a day goes by, that I’m not super thankful for the ability to be as active as I am in the music world. I owe that to all of you that continue to come and see me on a regular basis. You make each outing memorable, and have given me a network of people I am proud to call friends. Y’all have done a lot for me, and I know that you will continue to inspire me as I walk this road.

I’ve definitely got more plans on the horizon, so please bear with me as they come to fruition.

I can’t wait to see you soon! Make sure to come on out this summer and say hi!


It’s Patio Time Again!

Jason Bradley

Yes, it’s true! Temps are heating up again, which means that fine eating establishments are opening up their patios for live music! In addition to my usual Mav’s gig on Sat, May 16th (which is always fun), I will be on the patio at Maple Tavern on May 15th and 29th (weather permitting). I guarantee you will enjoy these special nights outside with a little music. I mean, what could be better?

See you soon!


It’s Maverick’s Week!

You heard right. It’s that time of month again where we indulge in acoustic rock n roll and wood grilled meat at Maverick’s Wood Grill in Champlin, MN. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Music starts at 9 pm, but you can join me at 7:30 for burgers. See you there!

Say Hello To Jasonbradleylive.com Version 2.0!

Pre concert room at Las Vegas House of Blues

It was long overdue, but here it is! You will find more accessibility to my music, videos, dates, social media, writings, and all sorts of other crazy things that I think up! Enjoy, sign up for my e-mail list, and check back often!